(Brown) The Unbelievable Culotte 2.0

RM 85.00


Model: Steph

Height: 164cm

Weight: 49kg

Model Wearing Size : S (Xtra Long)

Colour : Brown (Kindly refer to flatlay picture for colour accuracy)

(Short) Size : XS, S, M, L

(Long) Size : XS, S, M, L, XL

(Xtra Long) Size : S, M, L

*All dimension are measured manually with deviation 1-3cm*  

Short suggest to: 147-157CM

Long suggest to: 158-163CM

Xtra Long suggest to: 164-170CM

“Suggestions are for references only, kindly refer to size chart before make order”

【 小编们的穿后感!】

梨形 Ric: 150 46KG (臀围93CM)

(Short / M) 上身拖地 修饰梨形和腿部线条 + 显高

梨形 Ann: 152 43KG (臀围88CM)

(Short / S) 上身拖地 修饰梨形问题 看起来更显高

腿部较肉 Sheepy: 158 53KG (臀围95CM)

(Long / M) 上身小拖地 完美修饰腿部肉肉问题 整体更显瘦

微胖沙漏46身型 Diye: 159 54KG (臀围95CM)

(Long / L) 上身拖地 但非常修饰下半身较肉问题 (Short L) 相对来说也OK 长度在脚板处

梨形M妈: 160 55KG (臀围100CM)

(Long / L) 上身小拖地 完美遮胯 

沙漏型 Steph: 164 49KG (臀围88CM)

(Xtra Long / M) 上身拖地 腰围略松 但非常舒服显瘦 (模特图穿Xtra Long / S) 腰围略紧

总结:不想拖地的可以直接考虑短一版(eg: 165cm 建议 xtra long 但入手long) 

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